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Bob Sapp’s undead career

Bob Sapp really was the first Kimbo Slice, except he managed to pull everything off better than Kimbo. While Slice’s career is currently in the crapper, Bob Sapp continues to get gig after gig no matter how terrible he fights or how horrible he acts. Oh, and he’s still making shitty movies like the Blaxwell Smart directed ‘Frankenhood’:

Motown (DeRay Davis) and Darius (Jasper Redd) work in a morgue, trading put-downs and toiling among the most undemanding of customers. But outside of their decidedly dreary jobs, the two dream of bigger and better things. If only they could win the $25,000 prize that will go to the winners of the upcoming 3-on-3 Streetball Tournament. One night, having been demoted to graveyard shift, they run into their semi-sane colleague Franklin (Charlie Murphy) in a dark alley outside the morgue. They find Franklin using the auto battery of Motown’s precious Gremlin to bring to life a monstrous dead man (Bob Sapp) whose heart Franklin has just replaced. That 3-on-3 basketball tournament isn’t looking so bad…if they can just get their new mutant friend to play basketball!

What, was Blackenstein already taken? Oh wait, yes it was. Regardless, it drives me nuts when I see shit movies like this being made while my script about Bob Sapp and James Clark Duncan as retarded twin brothers in the 1920s sits unused. Think ‘Dumb & Dumber’ meets ‘Mississippi Burning’ … this fucker has Oscar written all over it.

(thanks to jackal Igor – which is an ironic name to have when sending Frankenstein related news – for the find)