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Bob Sapp gets an engrish bitchslap

Two days ago, Bob Sapp revealed that FEG – the company that used to pay him $350,000+ to fight – couldn’t even pull together $30,000 for his Dynamite!! fight. Normally the company is pretty tight lipped about stiffing fighters. But while it’s easy to ignore guys like Gary Goodridge and Bibiano Fernandes, Babo Sapporu gets a bit more press in Japan. So now we have a response from FEG, and it’s quite awesome:

Today K-1 president Sadaharu Tanikawa fired back at Sapp, declaring his words to be lies and saying that Sapp “should not be considered as a normal person”.

He also called the former NFL player “the worst, most lamentable dust man”, in what is possibly the best insult ever delivered in MMA by a non-fighter.

So let’s see. Who do we beleive? The promoters with a history of sketchy last second shenanigans or the guy who flew all the way to Japan to fight for them? I’m sure it was Bob Sapp’s evil plan to not fight and not get paid so then he could spread evil lies about FEG for some reason.

Maybe it makes sense to a lamentable dust man…