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Bob Reilly thinks the UFC chose NY’s new commissioner

If Bob Reilly wasn’t working so hard to ban MMA from New York state forever, his babbling would actually be quite amusing. CagePotato has a two part interview with Bob up, and it’s full of all sorts of contradictions, factual inaccuracies, and crackpot conspiracy theories. You see, Bob thinks he’s the only man out there pushing back against an evil plot to bring MMA to the state against every moral individual’s desire. Check out a manifestation of this:

“Let me give you one example of what I consider the problem and that’s the unsavory, sordid, corrupt process for legalization of this. Just recently I asked an aide to look into the firing of the past chair of the State Athletic Commission, who was replaced by a woman (Melvina Lathan) who in fact had worked for [UFC VP of Regulatory Affairs] Marc Ratner, who now has a primary interest in Ultimate Fighting. And this woman is going to be our primary regulator in New York State? What is the connection and who brought her into this position of getting this chair?”

“Her statement upon getting the position was about how she supports MMA, which I found very suspect. When I attended a meeting with her she demonstrated that she knew nothing about the sport. And yet her support for the sport was one of the first things that she focused on after being appointed. It’s that type of suspicious activity that really questions the sport. I think we’re down the road toward the corruption in boxing, and what happened to the fighters, the corruption in the sport.”

Imagine that! The person running the commission that would oversee mixed martial arts actually taking an interest in the sport! I can understand why Bob is suspicious since commission heads are typically boxing-only pinheads who do their best to make sure no extra work is dumped on their plates (see Indiana). But I’m pretty sure the UFC didn’t ‘plant’ her there to help them invade New York. It would be pretty wicked if they had that kind of influence, but unfortunately Dana White is NOT Big Brother … yet.