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Bob Reilly: still an idiot

Bob Reilly’s already demonstrated that there’s pretty much nothing about MMA that he can’t spin as a negative in order to further his anti-human-cockfighting agenda, so it should come as no surprise that he found a way to simultaneously praise and shit on the UFC’s new training insurance plan.  Here’s his comments, via Ariel Helwani:

“I certainly wouldn’t disparage that,” Reilly said. “I think that’s a good thing.”

The praise ended there, though, as Reilly quickly questioned the motives behind the decision.

“What immediately came to my mind was, What’s the need for insurance? Because advocates for MMA have been touting how safe this sport is and that no one is ever injured, and in fact, the testimony here is that the worst that ever happened was a broken arm. But I don’t think that insurance is going to do anything for the very prevalent brain damage that fighters will suffer.

“I think what MMA should be doing is, instead of providing insurance for injuries, is to do away with injuries.”

When I explained to Reilly that the UFC fighters were already covered for injuries suffered in fights and the new insurance would cover injuries, suffered in or outside of the gym, while training or not for an upcoming fight, Reilly added:

“It’s certainly not a bad thing that they provide this insurance, but it really does little or nothing to solve the problem of what will happen to fighters financially, of the physical damage done to fighters or the fact that this violent sport begets violence in our society. So it does nothing to address the systemic problems of MMA.

“I think it’s a positive thing, but I don’t think it’s a positive step. In the sense that it doesn’t address the systemic problems of MMA. But it’s certainly not a negative thing.”

Admittedly, this won’t help the rare extreme cases of guys who end up like ” target=”_blank”>Spinner Dunn, but saying it doesn’t financially benefit fighters is obviously the exact opposite of reality.  Again, that should come as no surprise from someone who’s largely ignorant about the very thing that he’s crusading against.

This whole “what’s the need for insurance?” bullshit is pretty much the most retarded anti-MMA argument I’ve ever heard.  By that rationale, why do pro athletes in ANY sport need health insurance?  Or even non-athletes for that matter?  Just because I have employer health benefits doesn’t mean sitting at my desk and pushing around a mouse all day is somehow inherently dangerous (OR IS IT?!).  One could say that I don’t NEED a dental plan in the sense that my teeth aren’t falling out of my fucking head because I’m not a savage heroin junkie (I’m a functioning addict, thank you very much), but for those occasions when I do visit a dentist, that insurance tends to come in awful handy.

But in the end, it doesn’t really matter what this self-righteous dummy says anyway, since it turns out he’s not the roadblock to MMA legalization in New York that we all once thought… apparently the Speaker of the Assembly and an unrelated union beef are the real culprits there.  Which I guess begs the question: “Why bother writing this article then?”  Well what else am I supposed to do, smartass?  Work?  Pfffft, fuck that.