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Blogger round-up

Opinions are like assholes: no one likes assholes and no one gives a shit about your opinion. At least that’s how I think that saying goes. But in case you are interested in knowing what us bloggers are thinking as we digest last night’s events, here ya go.

Midsy now thinks Randy doesn’t stand a chance against Big Nog OR Frank Mir:

The winner of that Mir-Nogueira fight at UFC 92 will take on Lesnar, but what about the loser? It could be interesting to see Couture take on Mir or Nogueira, although Couture might not want that fight because neither of those opponents is a huge draw, and because, frankly, either of them would probably beat him.

Frank Mir beating Randy Couture? The idea that people would actually think this is depressing. It’s like reading the comments section on Youtube and realizing that humanity is doomed.

Sam Caplan throws caution to the wind and chugs the Lesnar Kool-Aid:

As we sit here today, there’s only one man in the world capable of beating Lesnar and politics will ensure that a Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko matchup never takes place. In the minds of the mainstream fan, nothing exists outside of the UFC universe. For all intent and purposes, it’s Brock Lesnar’s world now and other heavyweights just walk in it. As long as Lesnar continues to push himself during training and avoids the temptation to dialing his training routine back, nobody currently on the UFC roster will be able to touch him. Not Nogueira, not Mir, not Cain Velasquez, not Shane Carwin, and not Gabriel Gonzaga, etc.

Zach Arnold reminds everyone that being the top heavyweight in the UFC doesn’t mean you’re the top heavyweight in the world:

Iole will push the UFC line as hard as he can that Lesnar will have ‘legendary battles’ with Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin, but Lesnar would still likely lose to a lot of the top heavyweights in the business (outside of UFC). I’m not convinced that Lesnar would beat Andrei Arlovski, nor do I think he could beat Josh Barnett or Fedor. (The Barnett scenario would be interesting, as Erik Paulson would have to choose between game-planning with long-time friend Barnett or new champion Lesnar.)

Luke Thomas takes a more balanced approach to Randy Couture:

Randy Couture didn’t look particularly bad, but one did get the sense that the last year off did age him considerably. And certainly his ability to take a shot is not what it once was. It’s all to be expected and nothing particularly bad, but it shouldn’t be denied either.

And what do I think? Brock Lesnar’s submission defense will be the hole that every challenger will need to exploit in order to beat him. Unfortunately, the longer he trains the smaller that hole gets. Brock also hasn’t faced a dynamic striker with real KO power, but the UFC’s HW division is hilariously devoid of those kinds of people at its upper echelons. Maybe Junior Dos Santos will fill this role some day, but it’s too early to tell.

For now, Brock needs to get past the winner of Big Nog vs Frank Mir. Brock Lesnar winning actually makes me more interested in that fight. I might not like him, but I am interested in seeing how he fares against Big Nog (since I’m betting Frank Mir doesn’t have a chance in the world of beating Nogueira). I’m impressed by Brock but I’m not 100% sold yet. Until he proves that he can hang with a submission expert, I’m not about to proclaim him “the next big thing.”

As for Randy, I think he did a great job of controlling Lesnar in the clinch and recovering on the ground. In these areas, Brock’s size didn’t seem to play a huge factor in Randy’s loss. It was when they were apart and striking that Brock used his six inch reach advantage to punish Randy on exchanges. As for Randy not being able to take a punch … well, it was a hard cross directly to his temple that knocked him out. No shame in going out there. I’m looking forward to seeing more Randy fights, and while I think light heavyweight offers more interesting bouts, I still wouldn’t hesitate to bet on him if he stuck around at heavyweight to fight Mir or Nog.