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Blogger vs Wanderlei Silva

While everyone else spent the day talking about bitches, gays, and something about some guy named Carlos Kampmann or whatever, DreamFighters was busy cooking up some awesome:

DreamFighters has launched a new series that will feature a “” writer, vs. a fighter in a 3min round, after a full training session with that fighter. First edition will be none other than Wanderlei Silva!

Wanderlei’s management has given the green light, and will be notified at specific time within the week, for sometime in May.

Details: At a predetermined time in May, a writer will be going to Las Vegas for a 1 on 1 full hour training session with Wanderlei Silva, and it will end with a 3 minute round in which a writer will try and last a full 3 minutes for 1 round against Wanderlei Silva.

Where you come in: In the 3 minute round, your job is to guess how many times the writer will be knocked down by Wanderlei Silva, and if he will last the full round. What do you get if you picked the correct number? You will get a WAND fight Shirt, and a Tshirt!

The last blogger to document a bit of rough housing with an MMA fighter ended up with a broken leg. As for what will happen to the guy going up against Wand … well, that’s totally up to Wand. If he goofs around and goes easy on the guy, I can see this being all in good fun. Unfortunately for the poor soul taking on Wanderlei, he’s known for going pretty hard in practice. Whatever happens, it should be pretty entertaining to see the results.