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Blast from the past!

The reason newspapers are going down the toilet is because they’re always at least 8 hours behind news you can get for free off the internet. But in this case it looks like the Mooresville Tribune has filed an article straight from 1994. You got it: a good ol’ fashioned ‘Human Cockfighting’ article.

Concord City Council voted unanimously Thursday to prohibit the rental of any city recreation facility for violent fighting contests such as “he-man or ultimate fighting contests.”

Mayor Scott Padgett , a former elementary school principal, said the fights the new ordinance refers to are extremely violent.

The UFC has recently started marketing itself as mixed martial arts and has created some rules. Eye gouging, for example, is now against the rules. That and other changes have helped the UFC earn more social acceptance, according to a USA Today article that referred to the sport as a “salute to Rome’s Colosseum.”
Padgett said the city hasn’t had any problems with extreme fighting events prior to adopting the ordinance.

“From what I’ve seen on TV and what I’ve read, I sure wouldn’t want any of those types of events held on any of the properties we own,” Padgett said. “Maybe by us doing this, other government bodies around will see the wisdom in banning this and maybe somebody’s life could be saved.”

In what may be a new record, MMA was refered to as ‘human cockfighting’ 4 times throughout the article, showing that the author and interviewees didn’t even try to think of new and creative ways to diss the sport (although kudos to the ‘He-Man Competition name). Those of you worried this is a step backwards for the sport, don’t worry: this little pissant council doesn’t have the power to ban the sport, they can just prevent promoters from renting the city-owned roller rink. If I was a rich motherfucker like Mark Cuban, I’d pay an event to head on up to Concord, North Carolina just to rub their impotence in their faces.

I hate saying ‘Tip of the hat’ or ‘Touch of gloves’, because both are uber-weak. But I saw this article first over at Midsy’s blog. Respect.