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Blame UFC!

Last week there was the story about a guy who fell through his hotel window to his death trying out ‘Ultimate Fighting moves’ – it turned out they were just drunk and shoving eachother around while watching last week’s UFC Fight Night. Now we’ve got another story that tries to drag MMA into the fray:

Brandon Police are investigating the existence of a “fight club” in the western-Manitoba city.

Police said the club called “Brandon Beat Down” or “B.B.D.” could involve numerous high school students and adult males. A website had listed as many as 100 members for the club. Brandon police said there have been several fights in recent weeks between members of the club and other individuals, mainly in school yards and public parks. Police said the fights have appeared to follow similar rules to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), with victory determined by knockout or submission, and that many were video-recorded and posted on YouTube. The videos have been removed from the site.

Now on one hand it’s hard not to blame the rise of Ultimate Fighting for more shit like this – these kids are fighting with five ounce gloves and trying all t. But on the other, kids have been organizing little ‘beat the shit out of each other’ matches ever since we found that spot out beyond the monkey bars that the fat recess monitor never bothers to check. Still, as the sport grows larger there’s a good chance more and more of this will happen, and the UFC might want to consider doing some sort of awareness / prevention stuff. Nothing too crazy, just get Rich Franklin on there to say ‘blah blah professionals yada yada enroll in an MMA school’. Considering half the UFC events on Spike are commercials or previews, what’s one more 30 second segment? Especially if it gives the sport some protection once a few kids seriously fuck each other up.