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Blame the commissions

Dr J from MMA HQ (he has a PhD in MMA, I think) has this to say about the Georges St Pierre greasing scandal:

The NSAC assigns and official to each fighter and that official is with said fighter non-stop leading up to and through the duration of a fight. The NSAC official is with the fighter in the locker room when getting his hands taped and leading up to his entrance; walks side-by-side with the fighter to the ring and stands next to him before the fight begins; is in the ring during each round intermission; and follows the fighter back to the locker room when the fight is completed.

If a fighter is allowed to be greased up in the manner that Phil Nurse allegedly greased Georges St. Pierre, the NSAC is largely to blame for letting it happen. What is the point of having an NSAC official assigned the fighter and his trainers if he is not watching for infractions and rules violations.

In the past few days, several of St. Pierre’s past opponents have voiced their feelings about GSP being “greasy” while they fought him as well. If this truly has been going on as a repeated offense for St. Pierre, how have we gotten to this point without it being noticed by the NSAC or any other commission?

The problem is that greasing accusations are easy to make but very difficult to counter. Considering the fact that all fighters have their faces repeatedly greased up between rounds and that shit is bound to get all over the place during a fight, you could make the argument that ALL fights are being affected by greasing to one degree or another. The moment a fighter buries his face into his opponent’s chest, that’s Vaseline getting all over the place.

Perhaps the answer lies in the way some Japanese promotions go about things: No Vaseline at all, and banning elbows to keep cuts from getting retarded. I don’t like the idea of removing elbows from the game, but it’s a better option than having grapplers at a disadvantage because every fight starts with a face full of crisco and ends with it being all over the place.