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Blame Thales Leites and the UFC

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares was on MMA Junkie radio yesterday and continued to try and convince people that The Suck we all saw on Saturday night wasn’t Anderson’s fault. That responsibility, he claims, rests with Thales and the UFC:

“I take nothing away from Thales Leites. He did everything he possibly could. But if they want to see engaging, if they want to see an exciting fight, then put somebody that’s going to charge him and fight. It’s not the champion’s responsibility to fall into the challenger’s game to make it seem like an interesting fight.

“[Silva] tried to make an exciting fight. It’s not his fault that he would come within two inches of the guy and the guy would fall to his back. That’s not our problem,” he continued, adding that if the UFC wants to see an exciting fight “maybe they should ask the fans who they think Anderson should fight next… people want to see a devastating knockout, but yet they put a one-dimensional ground fighter against him… It was ridiculous”.

There’s a whole bunch of really wonky logic games going on regarding who’s at fault for last weekend’s shit sandwich of a main event. Sure, you should put some blame on the UFC (which we did quite vehemently leading up to the fight) and Leites (for basically giving up after round 2). But Anderson still bears at least a full third of the responsibility. He was the dude fucking around for the entire fight. Instead of having one guy unwilling to fight, we had two.

Still, I’d still rather learn that this was an intentional clowning to send a message to the UFC than a taste of Anderson’s new fighting style. That doesn’t make what happened any less bullshit, but at least it means we’re less likely to experience it again and again and again until Anderson retires under a dark cloud of bewildered disappointment.