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Blagoi Ivanov is alive, already plotting comeback

The last we heard of Blagoi Ivanov, he was fighting for his life in a Bulgarian hospital after gangsters stabbed him during a drunken bar brawl. The knife hit his heart, damaged his lung, and left him in a medically induced coma for weeks. Now news site Novinite updates us on his recovery:

Blagoi Ivanov, the Bulgarian MMA fighter who was stabbed almost fatally in February, has been discharged from the reanimation department of Sofia’s Priogov hospital.

Blagoi Ivanov’s treatment will continue in the same hospital.

Blagoi Ivanov recently gave his first press conference after the attack, declaring that he is determined to return to the fighting ring.

Physicians say that Ivanov would recover in six months to a year.

The MMA fighter has been able to talk for a week now.

Wow, now there’s dedication. Regain your ability to talk and immediately schedule a press conference to announce your comeback into one of the most physically demanding sports on earth. Why wait til you’re discharged from the hospital? You can do it right in the lobby!