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BJ’s camp on the greasing accusations

Inside Fighting has more on the GSP greasing thing, which does NOT need to be called GreaseGate because ‘GSP greasing scandal’ is more than short enough as it is. Here’s BJ’s head coach Rudy Valentino:

“We just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again to someone else. It is not good for the sport. For their camp to be busted doing something bad like that, to be busted doing it and then to keep doing it after the referee had warned them- I respect Greg Jackson but to do something like that, his integrity has been compromised.” Valentino says of St. Pierre’s coach.

Valentino says that Jackson actually came to him after the fight and apologized for the alleged improper tactic. “He came to me and apologized for it, but to do it and then apologize after is a bit half hearted,” Valentino says.

Throughout the fight, St. Pierre successfully took Penn down and worked from inside the Jiu Jitsu world champion’s guard. Penn attempted to use a “high guard” where his legs would wrap high around the shoulders and head of St. Pierre in order to prevent him from posturing up and giving him space to strike or pass the guard.

St. Pierre was able to routinely slip past Penn’s grasp, land strikes and pass the guard, eventually bringing a stop to the bout after the fourth round. “His legs slid right off because of the grease on his head and back,” Valentino says. “I’m not trying to make excuses for BJ’s loss-he took a lot of hits and St. Pierre was the better man that night but the extra cheating is bad for the sport.”

I agree with Valentino on one point: something needs to be done to keep this kind of situation from happening again. Considering the draconian rules and regulations commissions push on what you’re allowed to have in your corner and who / what is allowed into the cage, it blows my fucking mind that cornermen are allowed to run around doing god knows what with Vaseline between rounds. If you ask me (and you’re on this site, so I’m assuming you kinda are), the only dude who should be allowed to handle that shit are the cutmen, since they’re not about to massage Georges’ titties and back after lubing his face up.