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BJJ still rules!

It hasn’t exactly been the age of jiu jitsu in MMA these past few years. Sure we have some bad ass mofos jitzing the fuck out of fighters, but for the most part bad kickboxing is currently ruling the roost with many jiu jitsu players stuck on their feet due to improved takedown defense and an unwillingness from strikers to even think of entering the guard of anyone half decent on the ground.

That must be why the BJJ community is so hyped up about Fedor falling to a Brazilian via triangle choke … without a single punch thrown, to boot! Oh this Werdum! Brazilian jiu jitsu reigns supreme again! Reports even say that thumping noise they’ve been hearing since the Rolles Gracie / Renzo Gracie fights (from Helio Gracie rolling in his grave) stopped a few minutes after the win.

(vid via MMA Convert)