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BJ says he ain’t fighting in Nevada again

I pretty much stopped covering the BJ Penn greasegate story after I got sick of writing “BJ Penn is still pissed” posts. And guess what? BJ Penn is still pissed:

“We’ll see what happens as far as my future on fighting in Nevada, as of now it doesn’t make any sense.  Nevada – it’s almost like you could tell them before the fight, ‘the guy’s going to put hot pepper on his gloves!’ and they catch him and then they don’t tell you shit!” the UFC lightweight champion said to Fighters Only this week

“It just doesn’t make sense to me, unless someone is pulling the strings other than the Nevada State Athletic Commission, telling them what to do, I just think the Commission does not know how to do their job at all.  Unless they are being forced by a higher power to do what they are doing, they’re very ignorant.”

I’m interested in knowing who this higher power is that pulls the strings at the NSAC. Is BJ claiming the UFC swept this all under the rug?