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BJ Penn’s got a shot at the LW title … if he wants it.

I was mentioning yesterday that it would be interesting to see what BJ Penn would do with the clout he got from beating Jens Pulver. Well, it looks like Dana White is offering him the lightweight title … if he wants it. While many sites are reporting that Penn *will* face the winner of Sherk/Franca for the LW belt, Dana White only said it was a possibility. The reason it’s not a lock? Most likely because BJ Penn has said over and over that he’s not planning on sticking around at lightweight.

If Penn turns down this title shot, it’s a classic example of him being a stubborn idiot. At welterweight he’s just another guy in the mix, one who’s been beaten by two of the top contenders already. And while a third match with Matt Hughes would probably result in a victory for Penn, I’m not so sure Penn could get by guys like Georges St Pierre and Karo Parisyan. Fuck, even Matt Serra is a potentially troublesome matchup for Penn.

There’s no denying Penn would be the biggest name at lightweight if he stayed. I also don’t see anyone in the division right now who could beat him on paper. And perhaps that’s the problem … Penn isn’t interested in a free ride or an easy belt. He wants the welterweight belt he left behind last time. For a guy who already has money and fame, I guess it’s not really that hard to understand.