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BJ Penn wants to prove everyone wrong

Poor BJ Penn. He went from being considered one of the best to being a consistent underachiever to being the best again. And now he’s considered a lazy, spoiled, whiny, vindictive, delusional mamma’s boy. How many ups and downs can one man go through in a career? If BJ has his way, he’ll soon be back up on top:

Referring to comments made by UFC president Dana White prior to St. Pierre vs. Penn II, the Hawaiian told Fighters Only: “I took offence at that because I was training hard.”

“We had a lot of people in there, we had great jiu jitsu guys, great kickboxers that we flew in to spar with, so I was pretty bummed out. If I really wasn’t training then I wouldn’t care, I would have just laughed about it, but I was training hard.”

Nonetheless, Penn does derive something productive from the naysayers. He says he uses the negativity to push him.

“I’m going to take this serious,” he stated flatly. “I really got to come back and win my next fight big.”

BJ needs to do a lot more than just crush Kenny Florian. He needs to keep his shit in check over the long term. Just like Tom Cruise losing his mind on Oprah, BJ Penn is in a very precarious position. Even if he pulls off a Mission Impossible 3 or Tropic Thunder, everyone will be waiting for another steaming Valkyrie so they can laugh at what an idiot Penn is.