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BJ Penn title shot delayed til Feb?

Here’s the big fucking problem with setting up your title shots so far in advance. Shit happens, delays occur, and next thing you know you’ve got a marquee fighter like BJ Penn sitting on the shelf for several cocksucking months. What the fuck is up with that shit?

The amount of talent wasting away on the sidelines waiting for title shots, revenge matches, contractual haggling etc is getting absolutely ridiculous. Doubly so when you consider how many underwhelming fight cards are coming out lately. Every division except the welterweight division is in a clusterfuck state where there’s no clear ladder of contenders, and all of the guys who should be fighting to sort out the pecking order are fighting maybe once every four to five months.

For fucks sake, stop putting your top guns on the shelf waiting for the moon and the stars to align perfectly to create the exact situation you need. The UFC needs to sit down and spread it’s talent properly across the cards and make sure their big names are fighting more. Sure, it’s more expensive card-wise. But they’re gonna make the money back in PPV buys anyways.

  • Dana White should of bitch-slapped Sherk and gave us our damn lightweight championship match

  • Cyrus says:

    Don’t anyone talk to me about Sherk. I loved that mother fucker. When everyone complained he was the industry’s most boring fighter – I’d tell them to go fuck themselves. Fucking bitches. Yves style early standups, focusing on striking – fuck that shit. Let the fighters fight. And now what, mother fucker roids out and puts us all in limbo. That mother fucker better get cleared. If he’s just fucking with us.. AGAKJRFAKLJSFLKAJFKLAJSFLKJALKFJAKLSFJARJWQOPJOIQWEI

  • pf says:

    check it out it’s Cyrus from TPB ^^^

  • M.O.B says:

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s a joke how many good fighters careers are wasting away in the UFC waiting room. And for the issue on contenders, its even more ridiculous. On the UFC 78 Website trailer, its describes the rashad-bisping fight as having “serious title implications” laughable right fight linker? I mean I can think of five 205’ers who are more worthy than them. It seems like they got caught in a shitty situation with no main event and are hyping this to save themselves as much as they can. By saying they have title implications its gonna grab a little more attention. Because who would care if they were actually gonna tout it “battle of TUF winners”. That would be pathetic. Anyways fightlinker good point.

  • dragomort says:

    I wouldn’t give WW any sort of compliment at being straight when it’s had more contenders on the shelf than any other time-wise due to TUF and their title shot love. I wouldn’t want them to play ‘wait a year between title shots’ to get it straight in any of the other divisions either…..which is why I hate Sherk right now.