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BJ Penn is gonna take some time off

It’s been a week and a half since BJ Penn got shellacked by Nick Diaz at UFC 137, which means he’s had some time to chill out and really think about whether he wants to stick with that whole ‘retirement’ thing. Michael Schiavello caught up with him at ProElite’s second show and here’s what he said:

You know what, I kinda think this is something I shoulda did after the first Frankie Edgar fight. A bunch of my coaches pleaded with me to step away from the sport, take some time off. I was just kinda in the mix … I kept going, kept going, trying to push myself. I don’t really like the results I’ve been getting. I just … take some time off, take some time away from the sport. If I ever feel it again, I’ll come back, if it interests me, it excites me. I don’t wanna be sitting in the locker room saying “I can’t believe I’m still doing this”, you know? So if it excites me, we’ll see how everything goes but I definitely need some time away.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but BJ Penn just made a totally rational and sane decision. Taking yourself out of the regular rotation is much smarter than quitting full stop. BJ is on the edge of being just another guy on the roster right now. But after a year or two away, people will freak out when he comes back. Especially if there happens to be someone holding the belt at 155 that he can beat.

  • frickshun says:

    At his age & w/the speed this sport is evolving, a year would be catastrophic for him. He should take off 3 months & then go back to training. If he still loves it, take a fight. If not, go cry into your pillow made out of money stacks.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I’d say he should start training with Nick on a triathlon.  If doing that and boxing with him doesn’t spark yer fire then go home.

  • ghostboner says:

    Pulling a Randy eh? I hard him say “if it’s interesting.” DJ made a good call, keep training, do some tri’s but just don’t fight for a while.

    Also, DJ, can you please get a new avatar or whatever the pic is called? Not that I don’t love Homer Simpson but…

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Bieber is ok?  BIEBER is ok?  But not Homer?  Are you one of the Rebellion Media peoples now?

  • Danjo says:

    I dont like the pudgy little spitfuck, but I respect his decision. It’ll do him good, whether he decides to stay away for good or come back to it after a year or so.

  • glassjawsh says:

    “someone holding the belt at 155 that he can beat” = any lightweight not named Frankie Edgar

  • ghostboner says:

    I never said Beiber was ok. I suppose you have a point. He is probably worse on the eyes than creature with the hot abs you’ve got going on.

  • iamphoenix says:


  • Predator8u says:

    FU*k instant title shots thats Bullshit. Dont even mention it . there are plenty of dudes busting their asses for ONE then HERE comes a big name and BOOM…he cuts to the front of the line . Thats BULLSHIT! thats why I dislike bj