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BJ Penn is gonna go through with this

BJ Penn has formally filed his complaint about Georges St Pierre with the NSAC, and it’s completely bereft of the hedging and bush-beating BJ did in the past. You know, where he said “GSP was the better man but he was still slippery?” Now he’s saying “GSP intentionally cheated, and he was NOT the better man. I want the win annulled.” Here’s a list of the interesting shit he says in the document:

  • That the Penn camp warned the NSAC before the bout that GSP was suspected of greasing and requested an eye kept on him
  • That Vaseline was put on GSP on purpose and with his awareness
  • That GSP ingested a substance which would cause him to become unnaturally slippery

And now for what Penn wants done:

  • Requested that GSP and his cornermen be fined and their licenses suspended.
  • Requested that the fight be ruled a no contest.
  • Requested that GSP be forced to take a ‘hygenic cleansing’ before future bouts.

We’re 99% sure this case is going to go into the same ‘No remedy’ pile as Anthony Johnson’s eye poke appeal … even if the NSAC did suspect Georges of intentionally cheating, the only rule in the book regarding greasing doesn’t exactly give them much to work with in terms of punishment.

So then what’s the point of all this? Is BJ just muddying up the waters so he can take another crack at Georges? Or is this a more noble attempt to keep people from being able to grease in the future? Depending on how much you love GSP (and everyone loves him, at least a little somewhere in their heart), you might see it one way or the other. Personally I’d like to see this whole thing settled on Bully Beatdown.