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BJ Penn is back at welterweight

After a powerhouse performance against Jens Pulver, it looks like BJ Penn has kept his word and will not be staying at lightweight. You may remember half the internet saying Penn would be fighting the winner of Sherk vs Franca. We noted that Dana White simply said the fight was Penn’s if he wanted it. And now it looks like what he really wants to do is get back in the ring with Matt Hughes and smash his face in.

Of course, that’s not something that’s going to happen anytime soon. Matt Hughes isn’t going to be fighting until December, and then I wouldn’t expect another match from him until March or April. So what’s next for BJ Penn? Sherdog says it’s a fight against Diego Sanchez, which in my opinion will be awesome. Diego had a killer fight with Karo Parisyan but since then hasn’t had a chance to really show what he’s got. A fight with BJ Penn is the perfect test to see if Diego really is the next big thing.