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BJ Penn is a smart marketer

Rather than having 10 tiny sponsor logos on his shorts like half the other fighters in the UFC, BJ Penn just plastered a huge BJPENN.COM logo on his butt. Apparently this was a good idea, as he is currently #1 on Yahoo Buzz Sports and his website is so overloaded it’s going up and down more than Jenna Jameson at an AVN awards afterparty.

If there was one guy who came out of this finale looking very good, it was BJ Penn. He dominated the fight and looked very slick throughout. It will be interesting to see what the outspoken fighter wants to do with the clout he’s got at the moment. I wouldn’t count out a rematch with Georges St Pierre for first crack at the winner of Hughes/Serra. Now that would be fucking wicked.

  • Mattio says:

    You see it as BJ Penn looking good. I see it as UFC using a very unworthy opponent to hype up a fight that never should have taken place. The fact that Pulver was already talking about going down to 145 before the fight means even he knew he had no business being in the ring with BJ. That was one of the worst main event fights I have ever seen and it is all because Pulver seemed completely complacent being put in submission after submission. He literally should have refused to move and started kicking air ala Lisa Simpson and hoped BJ walked into one of them. He would have had just as good a chance at winning with that strategy as the one he employed on fight night.

  • Jonathan says:

    I said it on the “After the Bell” and I will say it now. Weight didn’t have anything to do with that fight. Jen’s lack of skill is why he lost the match…not because Penn was bigger then he was. If you remember, Penn had Pulver in his guard most of the fight. The weight issue is more of an excuse.

  • Trust me on this, weight is an awesome advantage. I’m a big fat fuck and I use my weight every jiu jitsu class to beat smaller, more skilled opponents. I don’t think this was the case here though …. I agree that Jens was outmatched. But he’s not as terrible as everyone makes him out to be. I’m sure a year from now we’ll know for sure :-p

  • PS : Jon, you were on the After the Bell show?