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BJ Penn has no idea what he wants to do

BJ Penn vs Georges St Pierre is an interesting fight on many levels. While it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens in the cage, the ‘political’ fallout from that fight will be just as interesting if not more so. If GSP wins, he moves on to face Anderson Silva in a superfight at 185. If Penn wins … well, we don’t really know what happens then:

“The problem I always talk about with B.J. is trying to contain this kid and keep him focused on staying at 155 and defending his title there,” said White recently. “Should B.J. win, one of the things he would do is defend two titles at the same time. Nobody has ever done that (in the UFC).   It’s never been done.”

That might still be a bit harder to pull off than White states, although he has readily admitted that he and Penn have butted heads in the past over such matters and are likely to do so again, especially if Penn defeats St. Pierre on Jan. 31.

The Hawaiian isn’t sure, win or lose, if he’ll be motivated to defend the belt that currently sets him atop the 155-pound division. “I honestly don’t know the answer to that question,” he responded when questioned if he would defend the lightweight title. “One fight at a time, we’ve got to see exactly where my head is after this fight.”

I’ve met 16 year old girls more decisive than BJ Penn. Mind you, they were just decisive in the fact that I’m a creepy old guy and no I can’t give them a backrub. Whatever. Their loss. Still, you’d think Penn would take the time to think things through and decide what the fuck he’s doing with his career. At least one thing is pretty plain, though: BJ Penn doesn’t give a shit about the lightweight division, and having him defend both belts would mean you’ve got two divisions running at half speed. It would basically be a vanity thing for Penn. If we could expect a title defense every three months from the Hawaiian maybe I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But this is a dude who’s FAMOUS for being lazy and unmotivated.

I’m all for super fights, but not at the price of fucking everything else up. I’d like to think that Dana White does have a plan in place to deal with shit if BJ wins, but I’m starting to think he’s just crossing his fingers that Georges takes the fight. Which would be terrible news … it’s a scientific fact that whenever Dana doesn’t have a contingency plan, things always go bad.