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BJ Penn doesn’t know what he wants to do

Despite apparent reassurances on his Facebook account, BJ Penn is still talking about retiring:

Talk of retirement has emanated from the Hawaiian’s camp and Penn has refused to dismiss those rumours, most recently in an interview with Hawaii’s Channel 2 News.

“I have no clue what is going on in my head right now- I was going to make this my last fight and finish up fighting GSP,” he said.

“In my head, I was with the [UFC] for nine or ten years and I kind of just wanted to be finished with this whole thing after this, so I don’t know where my head is right now.”

It’s nothing new that BJ is an indecisive bitch, but an indifferent BJ Penn is a bad fucking sign. While he might get hyped enough to declare on his Facebook that he’s gonna fight again in June, will that enthusiasm carry over for the next 5 months? And will we see a return to the BJ Penn who basically coasted through training?

The good news is I think BJ has too much of an ego to call it quits like this. How that manifests though is a big question mark. Will he go back to lightweight and cement his legacy over the next year or two? Or will he give up the belt and just focus on superfights once or twice a year? That would certainly fit in with some of the shit he’s said in the past.