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BJ is coming in just over 170

One question I’ve been wondering this past week is what weight BJ Penn is going to be when he walks into the cage with Georges St Pierre. Now we know:

True to his Brazilian jiu-jitsu roots, Penn (13-4-1) will once again be the lighter man Saturday. While St. Pierre is considered big for the division, Penn will enter the cage the same weight he steps on the scale, right around the division limit of 170. That’s a departure from the pair’s first encounter, when Penn said dropping a dozen pounds left him sluggish and slow.

“Does it make sense to cut 17 pounds in one week?” the Hawaiian wondered aloud in the weeks leading up the showdown. For St. Pierre (17-2), the answer is undeniable, even if Penn doesn’t see the logic.

On fight night, GSP will weigh closer to 190 than 170, so that’s an extra 20 pounds worth of muscle and strength right there. On the other side of the equation, BJ has been saying that GSP cuts too much and is gonna gas because of it. Now BJ might be right in that he’s better off coming in around 170 and not worrying about a cut. But Georges St Pierre has been consistently awesome at cutting weight. After seeing him go go go meth caveman style against Jon Fitch, the last thing I’m worried about is his cardio.