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BJ embarrasses himself at the NSAC hearing

We talked about the results from today’s NSAC hearing where BJ Penn and his lawyers got a chance to run their mouths. Sherdog has some play by play that’s just mind-blowing. How anyone can either – a) be a BJ Penn fan still or b) care about this stupid situation – is just surprising to me. The wild goose chase / witch hunt he’s trying to perpetuate against GSP just makes him look like the biggest sore loser of all time. I can’t even riff on this stuff because BJ is already a total joke. I feel bad picking on such an easy target but somebody’s gotta do it.

Penn’s mother, Lorraine Shin, also read a statement on her son’s behalf.

Looks like BABY Jay is really living up to his name. BJ is such a spoiled rich kid that he thinks his parents can bail him out of anything even as an adult. All that comes to mind when hearing about this is Cartman and his mom:

Nahabedian, Penn’s attorney, questioned the commission’s review of the case, in particular with the video that had been provided by NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer. “You guys witnessed today what I consider to be prejudicial footage,” said Nahabedian. “It doesn’t show what happened during the second round after the representative of the commission said to Mr. Kizer, ‘I think I saw him putting grease on his body.’ If you watch the second round, you’ll notice the effect that that grease had on the body.”

aah-The ol’ James Toney tactic of blaming the commission. When is BJ gonna learn he isn’t 2pac and it isn’t him against the world? Calling the people you’re asking for help prejudiced? It doesn’t get any dumber.

Nahabedian also mentioned alleged statements made by Matt Hughes and Jason “Mayhem” Miller, both past opponents of St. Pierre, attesting to the Canadian’s slippery skin. Nahabedian did not produce written affidavits but said Miller’s statement was included in the videotape.

What? What about everyone else? Serra supposedly told them how greasy GSP felt. He SHOULD have Florian’s email / text / smoke signal where he tipped them off saved. Sherk is saying GSP was slippery on the f’n UFC 56 DVD apparently. And why no affidavits? They’ve been planning for this hearing for the last month, you’d figure they’d collect the figurative shell casings that would be the smoking gun. I’m interested to see if Mayhem actually has a statement on the video or it’s just him doing cartwheels with a gorilla mask and a samurai sword; I bet he isn’t even on the tape.

The commission questioned why Penn hadn’t alerted the referee to St. Pierre’s slick body. Penn said he suffered a concussion during the bout and hadn’t remembered much past the second round. Penn told commissioners his mind had been focused on winning the bout.

More phantom injuries? Is that how he justifies everything? Does BJ fall to the floor clutching his chest when he loses at Monopoly? Does he show up in a wheelchair when he’s late to something? First he says he didn’t memmer past the second round, then immediately says he was focused only on winning the fight. Here’s some advice BJ: when you make a load of BS excuses make sure they don’t contradict each other.

Jason Parillo, Penn’s boxing coach, told the commission he had been approached by an individual some time before the bout regarding St. Pierre’s alleged use of a substance that created a slippery advantage. That individual was later identified as David Weintraub, a freelance videographer hired by the UFC over the last few years to capture backstage footage.

Naming names now, that’s kinda red man. I want to see if that guy comes out and says he never said anything like that to anyone. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Penn said he’d wished the commission had “walked across the Octagon” and warned him and his corner of their findings, so he could have adjusted his strategy during the fight. “I really think we could have made a correct judgment of how to move forward from there,” said Penn.

What? “how to move forward from there”? Like change the plan to not grappling with GSP? BJ was screwed in the fight no matter how you cut it. He couldn’t have executed his game plan if Georges had both hands tied behind his back.

In closing, Penn turned to St. Pierre again and questioned his integrity. “I don’t know how anyone would want to be the world champion with a belt around their waist that cheated to get there,” said Penn. “It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Again with this garbage? He’s seriously harming his own reputation the more he pushes this. All I see on forums are people saying “I was a BJ fan but-“; there’s no justifying what he’s doing even to the retarded masses online.

This whole thing is just depressing and it’s making me seem like it’s my time of month. Maybe Greasegate is like Freddy Krueger and it’ll go away if we stop paying attention. We can only hope.

*EDIT* I found something redeeming about this whole thing. Here’s a quote from BJ’s mom:

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission failed in their duties by not immediately notifying the Penn corner of the unfair use of greasing and Vaseline applied on St. Pierre, by not allowing the Vaseline to be removed properly off of St. Pierre, and by not taking the necessary procedures to protect my son from being seriously injured or killed.

Absolutely hilarious that BJ “I’m gonna try to kill you Georges, and I’m not kidding about this” Penn is complaining about being put in a ‘life-threatening’ situation.