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Bisping turns on some British charm

There seems to be two Michael Bispings … the smarmy Bisping that tries to come across as a nice guy, and the asshole that just loves to escape and dick everything up. Personally, I prefer Dick Bisping – he’s just bad at being a good guy and so good at being an asshole. Take for example his latest blog about his fight with Rashad Evans, where he really turns up the Dick meter to 11:

I am sure a lot of fans will be gutted that you’re not breaking your tradition of a lifetime and are once again planning on going the distance for a decision win. Punish me for three rounds? You’ve punished the fans enough with your lay and pray antics for 15 minutes at a time. Surely they’ve suffered enough?

And the problem with having a big camp Rashad, is that people in this sport talk, and from what I’ve heard you weren’t in shape even four weeks ago. I’ve also heard that you didn’t even want this fight until the New Year, that mentally you were done for 2007 and just wanted to spend time chilling out.

Your last few lines were comedy gold. Pressure I’ve never felt before? You mean your bodyweight during three rounds lay and pray? Not going to happen, pal.

I shit on this fight because it deserves to be an Ultimate Fight Night bout, not a PPV headliner. But I will admit that I’m looking forward to seeing it and hoping Bisping takes out Rashad. I’ve never been a fan of Rashad, and two knockouts haven’t made me forget what a shitty boring fighter he is most of the time. Say what you will about Bisping, but at least his fights are … ya know, FIGHTS.

  • kentyman says:

    Yeah, 11 centimeters.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    dr jeckel and mr hyde?

    i dont care about who wins the fight. im just hoping we get to see the rashad dance and bispings dad gets beat up in the parking lot again

  • steve24 says:

    This is all Rashad needs to hear to let his hands go and to lay out Bisping. If Bisping beats Rashad whether it is a KO or decision, i’ll have newfound respect for him.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    War Bisping

  • Lifer says:

    id like to see sinosic take them both out rock and rumble styles.

  • Thomas says:

    I think it’ll be a good fight as long as Rashad doesnt lay on him for the whole fight. The thing is that Rashad actually believes he has a stand up game and all fights start with both fighters standing. They’ll slug it out until Rashad gets scared and goes for a takedown

  • ilostmydog says:

    What’s Rashad going to get scared of? Getting severe forearm bruises from all the punches that Bisping throws right into his arms?

  • Xavier says:

    Rashad has finished more fighters in the UFC than Bisping has. How quickly the memory fades, I guess.

  • islandguy says:

    Bisping? His fights are ..fights? more like a triathlon or something if you look at the Hammill fight.. you know where you run a lot then stop and do something for a little while and then run a lot more.

  • Ason says:

    I see the Queendom and their vassal state of Canada taking a “L” on this one.

  • Jaiden says:

    How soon we forget is right. Evans fought monsters doing his entire time on the show. He ‘dusted off’ every other opponent until the Tito fight.
    Look what happened to Bisping the first time he fought someone who was strong and even moderately talented (Hammill).

    But let’s not forget that this is Bispings way of trying to get Evans to stand up and bang and slap with him…..

  • Fumanchu says:

    “Bisping? His fights are ..fights? more like a triathlon or something if you look at the Hammill fight.. you know where you run a lot then stop and do something for a little while and then run a lot more.”

    Triathlon!! That was a good one islandguy lol

  • Rashad was TUF1, Bisping TUF3 … kinda makes sense that Rashad has had more fights in the UFC :-p

  • marshal says:

    Rashad will knock this cunt out.