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Bisping thinks he won

It didn’t take Michael Bisping long to return back to his standard sore loser shtick:

“I don’t know. It was a close fight. Personally, I think I won rounds one and two… I mean, Wanderlei did a great job. Congratulations to him. Full credit to him on winning the fight.

“Personally, apart from the guillotine – and I got dropped in the third round – but apart from the guillotine attempt off the takedown in the second round, as far as round two, I really didn’t have any offense come my way. I felt I clearly won those two rounds.”

I said last night that I thought Wanderlei Silva was about 10 seconds away from losing that fight, but I suppose I should clarify and say I think it was basically a tossup as to how the judges would have called it. Round one went to Bisping, but two and three (until that last flurry) were iffy. Would the judges have scored the second round based on Silva’s guillotine? Or would they give it to Bisping because he hit Wand more? Ditto in the third … while Wand was pushing forward and swinging, Bisping was landing more. Take a Compustrike approach to the fight, and it very well could have gone to Bisping.

That’s pretty much why I fucking hate statistics … with the way we process numbers, how can 1 submission compare to 50 strikes or 4 takedowns, even if that one sub came a billion times closer to ending the fight than anything the other guy threw out? Unified rules judging is a fucking mess and we’ve seen many guys win off ineffectual punches and some token positional superiority. Not that there’s too much we can do about it – it’s basically up to a fighter not to leave a round so close that this kinda bullshit actually works. All I can say is thank God Wanderlei took matters into his own hands in those last few seconds and really locked the third round up.

(pic via Sherdog’s great UFC 110 Quick Hits gallery by Daniel Herbertson)