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Bisping appears to be prey at this point

I refuse to sign up for or support Twitter in any way, shape or form. It’s personal – be sure to follow Fightlinker if you’re not already. I haven’t owned a cell phone for over three years, so the ability to text message thousands of people at once doesn’t really have a lot of utilitarian purpose.

I did, however, fuck a really hot girl I knew back in high school because of Facebook, so I exist on that (NO YOU CAN’T HAVE MY ACTUAL NAME YOU WEIRDOS). Props to jackal Suparaf for drawing my attention away from gawking at the ‘Vera got jobbed’ stupidity being espoused from several sources (I mean, Christ Almighty. If he had gotten jobbed, and he didn’t, I’d give it to Randy on the sheer principle that Brandon Vera couldn’t finish a 46 year old man) and towards the Facebook page of that forgotten 185 contender, victim of Anderson Silva’s Jedi voodoo, one Patrick Cote:

Next fight in 5 months !! Who I want a fight for my comeback ?? _I_PI_G …

The only problem I have with this is the possibility of Mikey getting a title shot if he can get through The Predator. Of course, I don’t really see that happening, so part of me likes it – I feel Cote deserves another shot at Silva, and what better way to do that then beating the newly anointed king of ground and pound? As impressively decent as Bisping looked against Kang – conceding the stand-up and going to the ground in the second showed versatility, good coaching and the ability to execute a gameplan, love or hate the guy – I think Cote gives us another lovely set of photos to add to the collection.