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Bio-Engineered my ass

While we still see Xyience pop up from time to time on the UFC mat for some reason, for the most part it’s place as supplement sponsor has been supplanted by BSN aka Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition. Ya know, they’re the ones with the shitty honeycomb logo you can’t read during fights.

The good news for the UFC is that BSN is actually doing quite well business wise, with an estimated 200 million in sales this year. They have a three year 10 million dollar deal with the UFC and it seems like they’ll actually make payments unlike Xyience. Of course, Xyience kinda got set up by Zuffa and the UFC to default on payments, but that’s a completely different story.

A completely different BSN related story is the way they put together their supplements. If you’ve seen the movie Bigger Stronger Faster, you already know that the supplement game is pretty easy to get into, but you probably thought the movie was oversimplifying things for laughs. Not so. Check out how BSN creates and tests it’s supplements:

In the case of BSN, Ferguson himself comes up with the formulas for supplements. ”I’m CEO/chief product formulator,” he said. “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Ferguson, who has a B.S. from Florida Atlantic University but no advanced degree, said that he has been reading about nutrition since he was 12, and is qualified to design products. ”It’s my forte,” he said.

After coming up with a new combination and doing lab tests, BSN tests its products on members of local gyms. The studies include 12 to 20 subjects and run for 12 weeks. BSN makes sure there are no adverse effects, then moves a new formula to market.

Doesn’t that terrify the shit out of you? When a company has the word ‘Bio-Engineered’ in it, you’d expect some … I dunno … bio-engineering to be involved. Not some dude throwing random shit together and testing it on random muscle heads at the gym.