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Bill O’Reilly gets a smell of the CBS/EliteXC show

Well, we should have known that this was coming sooner or later. Grade A retard Bill O’Reilly said grade A retard stuff about human cockfighting coming to CBS:

“The’re going to bring in this brutal thing” said O’Reilly “It is brutal, people got to understand this”

“You got a primetime show where your gonna have two guys get into a ring and kick and gouge and punch and make each other bleed”

“Bill Paley, the man who founded CBS is turning over in his grave about now” Said guest Bernard Goldberg “He had standards”.

Jane Hall, “I think its a terrible idea and there is no redeeming social value”

I haven’t seen the video of this yet, so I dunno if this is just the tip of the iceberg. But if this is all we got from O’Reilly and his gang, then we’re actually doing pretty well. Considering the whole “Show headlined by a felony fight star”, they really could have gone balls deep on ripping the event to shreds.

I’m not gonna waste any time whining or complaining about the talking heads on news channels not ‘getting’ MMA. They’re never gonna get it. Trying to win them over would be like trying to get my mom into Anal Cunt, or a priest into tranny ass-fisting (if he’s not one of those crooked ones that are already into that kind of thing). These people will NEVER ‘get’ MMA. Fuck, they don’t even ‘get’ half the shit they talk about, so why would they get something like mixed martial arts right???

  • Omomatta says:

    At least it’s some free publicity.

  • Swedish guy says:

    There’s a typo. Obviously it’s supposed to be “a priest OUT OF tranny ass-fisting (if he’s not one of those crooked ones that are already out of that kind of thing)”. Right?

  • Pug says:

    I actually saw the segment last night and, to be honest, it wasn’t all that bad. He got a couple of facts wrong, like the whole “gouging” thing, but other than that, the main point was that MMA shouldn’t be on primetime television. I don’t necessarily agree, but it’s definitely a topic that’s worth some discussion. It was obvious that none of them had any idea what modern MMA was all about, and clearly had in mind the UFC of old, which we’d all pretty much agree was over the top.
    Anyway, full disclosure, I generally like Bill O’Reilley, even though he has a habit of saying some pretty stupid things. Like all the religious bullshit… but that’s for another post

  • andres says:

    Hey! I listen to AnalCunt
    And my mother listens to my shit so HA!
    wow that’s hekka cool how’d u hear about analcunt?????? Haha and she likes listening to charles bronson

  • kentyman says:

    You listen to Anal Cunt, but you needed to tone down “hella cool”? :)

  • scorchamatic says:

    i’ve always admired dana white for his business acumen and the fact that he’s a hard drinking, coke snorting sumbitch, but he really fucked the cbs deal up. for the unitiated mass of people to be introduced to mma by an elitexc kimbo/thompson headlined card, just plain sucks.

  • Johnny says:

    So it’s alright to submit an unwilling country of 30 million people to the hell of war, occupation, and all concomitant devastation, but not okay for two people to voluntarily fight in refereed bouts on prime time TV. In other words, brutality is okay – it’s broadcasting brutality that’s the problem. Corporate news is the new Pravda.

  • Márcio says:

    That guy and his guests are so retarded that if they were into MMA I would be seriously concerned. Why a fucking warmonger should be taken seriously as the great defender of moral values is beyond me. FUCK HIM.

  • That was pretty much the whole of it. The segement was cut short because of another braking story. But the whole topic was kinda transparent as a ratings stunt, it was briefly covered with the same old anti-MMA rhetoric.

    They just glossed over the whole thing, kinda showing that they just put it on the show because its a popular topic nowadays. It was nothing more than a quickie MMA bashing puff piece, I don’t think it caused so much as a ripple of an impact in either direction.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Yeah, MMA is brutal and should be stopped, now lets bomb Iran.

  • Gina's boy toy says:

    Wow Bill O’ Reilly talks about MMA damn we must be doing something right then. LOL

  • el feo says:

    AC “311 Sucks” is so awesome. And I like 311.

    The thing about O’Stinktwat is that only old people watch him. MMA is the sport of the youth, of the future.