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Bigger gates are not better gates

Everyone is talking about the 17 million dollar gate for Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquaio like that’s something MMA should aspire to. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a fucking terrible idea?

In fact, there’s a trend that I’ve noticed from Dana White and the UFC which I think could very well end up backfiring sooner rather than later: the obsession with breaking gate records. Sure, you can argue that you’re only as big as your gate and your PPV numbers, but how about the other argument that you see in several other sports: Tickets are too fucking expensive, leagues are too fucking greedy, and everyone is sick of paying out the nose for shitty seats in the bleachers.

Michael Rome pulled out the floor plan for the UFC’s Couture vs Lesnar event in Las Vegas. Check this shit out:

Do you see how balls the 300 buck tickets are? WHAT THE FUCK. The sooner Dana White stops caring about beating Barbara Streisand in gate revenue and more on keeping his fans happy, the better. Because the shoe is going to drop sooner or later, especially considering the US economy’s prolapsed anus from years of Wall Street ass fucking.

We already see attendance numbers plummet whenever the UFC returns to a region, and why is that? It has nothing to do with interest and everything to do with simple economics. People just can’t freaking afford to go. And when you price your events outside the league of your average fans, you create a situation where you will lose those fans.

Just look at the state boxing is in. Sure, they can pull one monster gate every so often. That doesn’t chage the fact that the sport is on the decline because of the greed and avarice of key people involved. Don’t tell me we’re supposed to beware of how boxing shot itself in the foot and not recognize overpriced tickets as part of the problem.