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Bigfoot’s feet are fine

I know you guys like to come here for the latest juicy rumors that may or may not be true, but here’s one we can help debunk before it even gets started:

Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva has not been injured in a motorcycle accident, Fighters Only can confirm.

Rumours emerged yesterday evening that Silva had been injured and lost a foot in a crash.(an earlier version of the rumour said it was one of the Nogueira brothers).

American Top Team spokesman Richie Guerriero said he had the rumour but could confirm that is “100 per cent untrue”.

I don’t know if this was a prank or if there was someone with the same name in the news or something. I figure the name ‘Antonio Silva’ is probably the John Smith of Brazil, so that’s possible. But on the other hand, a story about Bigfoot losing a big foot is way too witty to NOT be a joke. Whatever the case, there are no new Brazilian MMA fighters hopping around on one foot.