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Big Top UFC?

As if the UFC’s Abu Dhabi card wasn’t gonna be strange enough with the Octagon Girls all burka’d up and crowds of drunken robed dudes airboxing for the camera, we now have confirmation that Abu Dhabi doesn’t have a place to host UFC 112 so they’re just going to do it outside or some junk:

While UFC 112 has yet to be officially announced, the event is expected to take place in Abu Dhabi. Concerns over a suitable venue have lead to speculation that the event might be moved to Las Vegas or a European venue, but a UFC press conference in association with its new partner, Flash Entertainment, scheduled in the United Arab Emirates for next Wednesday, Jan. 27, appears to point toward the card taking place in its originally intended location.

Multiple reports have indicated a large tent could be the setting for the event, resulting in UFC 112 serving as the promotion’s first outdoor event.

MMA Junkie is the only one talking tents while everyone else is just using the broader term ‘outside’. Either way, it should be interesting to see how this is all put together. When you’ve just bought into the world’s biggest fight promotion and you’re worth several hundred billion dollars, I doubt you cheap out on the setup for the first event in your home country. I fully expect Abu Dhabi to whip it’s dick out on this one to show the MMA community how mighty it is.