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Big Surprise! Old people are boring

My grandmother often asks me why I never come to visit her. “Because you’re fucking boring, bitch!” I say. Sometimes I wish I could slap people through the telephone. Anyways, this sentiment extends past my annoying grandma: old fighters are notoriously boring as well. Last night at the IFL Chicago event, they proved this true yet again as Maurice Smith and Marco Ruas fought in a snoozefest of a fight:

By the time the third round began, at least half of the crowd had left and more were following suit. Those that braved stay behind voiced their displeasure loudly. As in the first two rounds, Ruas got a takedown. Perhaps in an effort to salvage some face, Ruas, to his credit, passed Smith’s guard and then attempted a painfully ineffective north-south choke. The crowd, though, didn’t seem to notice or care that Ruas had bothered to move this time the bout was on the ground, and just booed with abandon.

Of course it’s important to note that roughly 1/3 of the people in attendance were given free tickets, so leaving early wasn’t as big of a deal as if they’d actually paid to show up.