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Big Surprise: Japanese treat Koreans like shit

With PRIDE as close to dead and buried as it’ll ever get, Zach Arnold has been sniffing around looking for more scandals from the land of the rising sun. Asian scandals are Zach’s specialty … he’s pretty much the only guy bothering with this shit while everyone else just covers the events and results. Booooring. Perhaps someday Zach and Jordan Breen will team up like an MMA Starsky and Hutch to create comprehensive Asiatic news coverage.

This week’s dirt is on K1’s shoddy treatment of Koreans. The article sums up all the facts … I just want to explain to you a bit about how things work with Asians. It’s not one big love in, let me tell you. Even though they’re all slanty eyed yellow skinned rice eaters, there’s a very clear racial hierarchy in effect over there.

The Japanese are ‘on top’, they hate everyone. Next it’s the Chinese, then Koreans, and then Vietnamese and then all the other mutts. The level of hatred and racism varies … again, the Japanese are the most racist of the bunch. A short 50 years ago they were up in the rest of Asia’s asses, shooting everyone, raping, pillaging, and cutting people’s heads off with Samurai swords and shit. Now the racism is thinly hidden under the surface but still erupts when, for example, a Korean fighter beats up a Japanese legend.

So it’s really no surprise to me that K1 (a Japanese company) is being accused of shortchanging Koreans, feeding them to their Japanese stars, and generally all the behavior you’d expect from a culture that still refers to Koreans as ‘sub-humans’.

  • vinh says:

    unless you’re an asian… and to a point even then, you’re a prick.

  • garth-san says:

    i’m having trouble making sense of what vinh’s getting at. Who’s “you” (fightlinker?) I’ve read all this shit myself, and frankly the “Unless you’re [fill in race/sex/religion/whatever stupid shit here] you can’t talk!” That’s bullshit. When the facts (broadly speaking obviously) are readily available, anyone can throw in their two cents. i of course an from asia, so apparently i can say whatever i want, right?

  • vinh says:

    i’m mostly saying that as a joke… as he ranked the vientamese so low.

    he’s actually pretty on point.

  • Tommy says:

    Garth-san must be Japanese

  • nois29 says:

    Damn, how should I feel… I’m half vietnamese, half filipino (which was even lower than vietnamese). and I speak Japanese, and live in a heavily Korean community. lol

    Largely I notice that many Koreans harbor a large hatred for the Japanese, even the youth. The current youth in Japan don’t harbor the same feelings against Koreans, they are into Korean dramas and movies, and shopping jaunts to Seoul.

  • I’m basing all this on working and being friends with a bunch of different groups of asians … it’s hilarious to hear them talk shit about eachother but also kinda sad. But i just look at the funny side of it.

  • Zurich says:

    You need to break “Chinese” into Hong Kong and Mainland. As far as I know, the hierarchy goes something like,

    1. Japanese – everyone hates them, they hate Koreans
    2. Chinese (Hong Kong) – they hatred between them and the mainlanders is mutual
    3. Koreans – they hate the Japanese and mainland Chinese
    4. Chinese (mainland) – they pretty much hate everyone these days and are seriously high on themselves. Soon to become #1 in 20 years…
    5. Vietmanese
    6. Thai

    until the bottom – Filipino, affectionately referred to as “*n-word*” by the rest of Asia.

  • cyphron says:

    If I didn’t know your potty mouth, I’d say that was one helluv racist thing you just wrote. But you should be careful, most people don’t know the way you write. Race is a tricky issue.

  • Here is the only reason why Asian countries hate each other and pride on themselves being ‘different’:

    First of all, it is without question that the average Asian man’s penis size are at least 1 to 2 inches smaller than the white men (don’t even mention black men!). Therefore, it is pointless for the Asian men to intervene and argue w/ the blacks and whites in any subject of arguments. Empirically, I’ve never even heard of Asian on white/black crime. The mysticism of the introverted, quiet Asian men is apparent in a melting pot such as the U.S.

    However, Asian countries take pride in comparing themselves w/ other Asian countries as there is no clear cut as to who is better than who. Their dicks are equally small and they have absolutely no chest hair. Therefore, the argument of who is the ultimate Asian nationality is open for debate and hence result in so much Asian on Asian hate. These inter-Asian arguments make no sense to an average white man just as the average black man are indifferent in the argument of Jews vs gentiles that are ever-presence in the white culture.

  • Thomas says:

    completly unrelated to this post. Shogun and Liddell both lost to TUF guys.

  • Tommy says:

    Actually a good observation there Thomas. For the people who swear the show is full of b.s. fighters.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Zurich WTF ?!

    Hows Thailand the bottom on that list, Thailand kicks Vietnam’s ass! I’ve lived in both countries and Thailand is far superior, but interestingly only racist toward Bangladeshi/Pakistani and most of all Black people with special attention aimed at Nigerians…

    Asia is a weird place but no way is the Philippines ranked last that award goes to Myanmar (Burma)

  • Cyrus says:

    In response to your
    “Even though they’re all slanty eyed yellow skinned rice eaters”

    Come on, fightlinker. I know that you guys really live on the edge, and that’s one of the main draws to your material for me. However, this comment was was both inappropriate and not funny.

    It’s one thing to call Luke Cummo a stupid cunt, or Evan Tanner a drunk, or even make fun of Diego Sanchez’s mexican mustache (does he even have one?). It’s wholly another kind of thing to make a comment like the one above. It’s not the end of the world. But it was disappointing and I think that some people would benefit from an apology.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Diego now has an official Dirty Sanchez, delivered lovingly from Senior Fitch….

  • Accomando says:

    “….First of all, it is without question that the average Asian man’s penis size are at least 1 to 2 inches smaller than the white men (don’t even mention black men!). Therefore, it is pointless for the Asian men to intervene and argue w/ the blacks and whites in any subject of arguments. …”

    This may have been the psychotic thing I have ever read, hillarious, but very psychotic as well.

    “…Even though they’re all slanty eyed yellow skinned rice eaters, there’s a very clear racial hierarchy in effect over there…”

    Not many people know that there was a native people of the Islands of Japan……

    “…The Ainu people have a legend that says, “The Ainu lived in this place a hundred thousand years before the Children of the Sun came….”

    They are generally larger, stronger, and hated by the Asian Japanese.

    There are only about 50,000 of these Ainu people left.

  • 1000Demons says:

    I’m surprised that the whole thing wasn’t stopped at the “slanty eyed yellow skinned rice eaters” comment.
    As one who’s living in Japan right now, I see first hand that the younger culture of nowadays mixes well-enough with people from all cultures, provided they make the effort to mix with them also.
    The Japanese of the now are people trying to make sense of the world, just as the rest of us are. Of course, there are those of them who resort to racism and stereotyping, just as there are in the rest of the world (I even see some in the replies to this very section). Be careful, though; as is mentioned above by Cyphron, race is a very tricky issue.

  • The joke is that while asians have an interesting racist dichotomy, the rest of the world’s racism doesn’t follow the same line and just encompasses them all into one group. I know these jokes tend to make people uncomfortable, especially the new readers who don’t know if I’m really a woman hating alcoholic racist. But stick around a bit and you’ll realize I don’t support racism, I mock it. Because it’s really pretty damned stupid.

  • Dillitante says:

    “woman hating alcoholic racist” LOL!!!!

    But seriously, fightlinker is right on target when he points out that there is a whole buttload of racism going on in-between the many different ethnicities within asia. I can say this because I spent about 10 years of my life growing up in Korea, and lemme tell you, that far east area with the China-Korea-Japan triangle is already pretty screwed up right there without even including the other asian countries. China hates and looks down on everyone cuz China’s been the most dominant in asia for god knows how long…Japan looks down on everyone because they kicked everyone’s ass not that long ago…and Korea just hates everyone because they so sick of being taken advantage of.

    Of course, if you look at the actual individuals, a surprising minority hold these opinions and the majority are really cool people. But the power of mass media and group psychology overcome the obstacle of common sense with such ease, it’s frightening! Wouldn’t you agree?