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Big Nog isn’t down with Chael Sonnen’s marketing

Fighters Only has a story about a run-in between Chael Sonnen and his bus-feeding buddy Big Nog. You can check that out or read the Google Translate version of the original story off Brazilian site below. It just has more entertaining flavor that way. Bonus fun if you imagine it being read by revealed that Sonnen tried to justify it by saying that everything he said was pure marketing and the heavyweight should not call his words. In vain. Angered, Minotaur has a “get away” to the middleweight and would not talk.

Sonnen sent out from him and even called him “asshole” (in Portuguese, bacaca). According to “Big Nog”, the veteran fighter Matt Lindland, former UFC, witnessed the scene and tried to separate the confusion and defending compatriot repeating the grounds that it was all in favor of marketing. But neither was sufficient to diminish the anger of the Brazilian. Since then, Sonnen never sought him, but followed the usual provocations.

Nogueira said he would love to face a fighter like Chael Sonnen . It would believe that a motive much greater than the normal against the American: “I like guys who do not fight with Sonnen, who talk a lot of nonsense. This motivates a lot. I would not even get to sleep so much anxiety to hit him.”

Sadly, the two are separated by two weight classes and the UFC has decided to run Japanese shows like *sigh* proper sporting events instead of a home for all the freakshow fights we’d really love to see. Maybe Lil Nog can take care of things? Chael Sonnen has said he’d move up to light-heavyweight if he can’t get that Anderson Silva fight, but that’d be forgetting that everything Sonnen says is ‘pure marketing.’ Besides, Anderson Silva sounded perfectly ready to fight on UFC Tonight:

“Chael talks too much,” Silva said. “Chael needs to train. No more talk, train. Going to Brazil? Big problem.”

  • Giallo says:

    That shit hurts the brain too much to read. They need to fucking translate shit better

  • CAP says:

    Funny to hear Chael try and apologize. All that over the top smack talk is gonna backfire something fierce. And it will be fun to watch!