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Big Nog is falling apart

Between his wrinkly basset hound mug and deteriorating body, it can be hard to remember that Big Nog is only 34. I guess that’s still pretty ancient in MMA age, especially when you lived through the meatgrinder that was Japan for an entire decade. Now more details are coming out about the extent of the injuries that forced him off UFC 119 and doomed us to the godawful Crocop / Mire fight. Not only was his hip injured (cue grandpa jokes) but his ACL was torn as well:

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, who was set to rematch Frank Mir on Saturday night, underwent knee surgery a few weeks back to repair a torn ACL. That coupled with the hip surgery will sideline the former UFC and Pride champion for at least the remainder of 2010.

“I tore my ACL so I had the surgery and it’s going to take maybe five to six months to heal,” Nogueira said over the weekend.

His manager, Ed Soares, echoed similar comments about the timeline for his return, saying the Brazilian will likely undergo hip surgery in the next two weeks.

“He’s had surgery on his knee so far, and we’re waiting on when he’s going to do his hip surgery,” Soares told in an interview. “Probably within the next couple weeks.”

Thank God that we’ve hit a point in our techno-medical expertise where we can just glue those ligament thingies back into place over and over again as many times as necessary. How many times has Nog had this done now? It’s too bad doctors don’t have some sort of Frequent Flyer Mile plan for guys like Nog and people with particularly nasty cases of AIDS.