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Big Nog has found his true calling

As promised, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira slipped on his dancing shoes and cut up the rug on Brazil’s equivalent of Dancing with the Stars, Danca Dos Famosos. Watch the video above, if for no other reason than to check out the goddamn outfit they stuck him in. It looks like the suits from Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Delirious f*cked and this is the offspring. Just more confirmation that signing on to one of these dance shows is a one way ticket to emasculation central, courtesy of the wardrobe department.

After a brief introduction, the show recaps Nog learning to dance – him trying a move, and then his instructor laughing at how terrible he is. He dances with all the grace of a man who was once run over by a dumptruck. This is why I assume they end up sticking to simple poses and easy moves like the fingerbang, me-so-sexy, and the chalk outline (Mexico’s hottest new dancemove).

Through what the Brazilians would refer to as a ‘milagre de Deus’, Nog moved forward into the next round. Are you looking forward to more Dancing with the Nogs?

(video and gif via Iron Forges Iron)