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Big Judge McCarthy

So Big John is making his long awaited return to officiating Zuffa events at the January 10th WEC event in Sacremento. But not in the way you’d expect: he’ll be judging, not reffing. It’s times like this that I feel like one of those crazy unreasonable people who gets given an inch but still wants the whole mile. I’m happy Big John is back in any capacity, but does anyone else find it kinda odd that he’s been conveniently shifted out of the cage for this event? Especially after he was conveniently left off the UFC’s last event?

I don’t want to seem like the kind of blogger who wraps an entire roll or two of tinfoil around his head, and I’m not suggesting that Zuffa even has a direct hand in these decisions. But at this point the rift between Zuffa and John is well known. Is it such a stretch of the imagination to think that the CSAC is just taking action on their own to avoid any unnecessary friction? It’s not like they haven’t been known to do all sorts of odd shit just because.