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Big John pissed off the wrong people

When John McCarthy left the Fight Network, he kinda burned his bridges by shouting ‘shame shame double shame’ on his way out the door. Also included in that declaration was the hope that he could return to the world of reffing … I guess the grass wasn’t as green as it seemed to be when he was on the other side, eh? There’s a few problems that will probably get in his way of returning to the top of MMA’s ref pile. Kevin Iole expounds:

He created conflict-of-interest possibilities with some very pointed and negative comments about the UFC while he was a TV analyst. Also, he has numerous fighters who work out at his Southern California gym; he could never work any of those fighters’ bouts. And a little birdie tells me Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer, one of the sport’s most influential regulators, is none too pleased with McCarthy these days for criticisms McCarthy delivered of him. It’s not to say that it’s impossible, but he’s got a long road ahead of him.

If you’re wondering what McCarthy said about Keith Kizer that’s got Kizer’s panties in a wad, I bet it has something to do with McCarthy’s scathing opinion of the judging and reffing situation in MMA. Ain’t it great to know that not only can shitty judges and refs not be fired, but that those who do speak up and bitch about them get blackballed? This world rocks. Go world!