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Big John explains the ‘logic’ for new weightclasses

In the interest of being ‘fair and balanced’, I will now present to you Big John McCarthy’s reasoning for more weight classes (followed by a short counterargument on why his reasoning is stupid). Hmm, does that still make it balanced? Hey, it works for Fox News.

McCarthy, whose days in MMA lead back to nearly the birth of the sport in the U.S., said that type of reactionary attitude could eventually lead to currently unforeseen issues within the sport.

“(UFC President) Dana White’s a guy who’s saying … that this is going to be the biggest sport in the world,” McCarthy said. “So do you wait until that point, or do you say, ‘Hey, you know what? We’re getting more and more athletes getting into this sport all the time.’

“Why should you wait until you have too many people with these few weight classes? It’s silly; start to look at things from the beginning.”

McCarthy also said he considers the new weight classes the next logical step in the evolution of a sport that began as an open-weight affair.

I don’t understand how having more fighters in the same weight classes means anything to anyone. It sounds like Big John is saying there needs to be more weight classes so more guys have the chance to be champions. Personally, I think that’s flawed logic. After all, just look at what happens in boxing: you get guys bouncing around weight classes collecting different belts.

So in the end you don’t give more guys chances at different weight classes, you just have more weight classes and more fighters moving betwen classes at the drop of the hat. Which leads to confusion and to people thinking that weight classes in general are fucking dumb.