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Big Dan’s little mistake

This here is from the Paul Taylor / Jess Liaudin fight at UFC 85 … looks like even Dan Miragliotta thought that Liaudin won. Oops! Big thanks to jackal ‘ninjitsu’ for the heads up!

  • frickshun says:

    Does the UFC even have any recourse when it comes to using shitty refs? Since this event was overseas does that mean they actually flew him over & paid him?!

  • Tom K says:

    Definitely not a good two week period for Dan Miragliotta. He could definitely use a vacation.

  • Houston "Glass Jaw" Alexander says:

    Frickshun, as far as I know, the UFC has no control over the officials selected for the bouts. The athletic commissions are the ones who appoint the referees. That said, I don’t know if it works differently since it was in england, but at least in the states, the commission has the call.

  • cyph says:

    I believe the UFC specifically requested the referees for non-sanctioned events.

  • Jason says:

    Did anyone see the Wiman/Tavares fight? Dan came to Wiman’s corner at the end of the round to warn him about illegal upkicks and Liddell (who was in Wiman’s corner) had to tell Dan that he was talking to the wrong fighter. Chuck had a good “WTF are you talking about” face.

  • Raizor says:

    I totally missed that before Jason. Just watched the fight again and can’t quite believe it. That’s some serious jet-lag 😛

  • michael says:

    he’s a dumb ass i mean look at the guy he looks like the monster chained to the wall in goonies

  • Big D D says:

    I hope he doesn’t last…

  • P W says:

    This is so embarrasing I blush just watching it.