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Big Dan defends the Sadollah stoppage

I think the thing that pisses me off about Dan Miragliotta the most is that he tries to pretend that an obviously bad stoppage was obviously good. Here he is talking to

“When you get to see the fight in slow motion, you can see that [Amir Sadollah (1-1)] was out and then, after a couple of strikes, wakes back up and starts trying to stand back up,”

“What made me stop the fight was the fact that, after the multiple uppercuts by Hendricks, I felt that Sadollah was out and went limp. He fell down to his hands and knees and just stayed there. From where I was, I could not see his eyes to see if he was out, but I felt that he was not defending himself and, after several more punches that went unanswered, I stopped the fight.”

“When I stopped the fight and got between Sadollah and Hendricks, Sadollah still looked glassy eyed and asked me what happened. I feel that he was still a little out of it while standing there talking to me.”

I remember another fighter who was asked Dan ‘What happened?’ and just like in that case, my bet is Amir really meant “Why the fuck was the fight stopped you giant orange idiot?”

(thanks to MMA Convert for the find and gif)