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Cage Potato says:

Now, we could go back and forth about whether this kind of unlicensed, unsanctioned event is keeping MMA illegal in New York, or whether keeping it unlicensed and unsanctioned is only making inevitable events like these needlessly dangerous, but I’d rather not have that discussion. Instead I’d rather discuss news outlets that want an excuse to show violence, while still managing to look down their collective noses at a sensationalized, edited, voiced-over version of the sport of MMA.

Why in god’s name would we want to discuss that? How can anyone expect the news to accurately reflect the reality of MMA when they’re not even willing to reflect the reality of the fucking US presidential race? Oh noes! Fox is sensationalizing! Who’d imagine they’d do that???

Personally I do want to talk about whether this kinda shit is hurting MMA’s chances of getting legalized in New York, because guess what: it is. If the perception amongst politicians is that legalizing MMA means legalizing these underground fight clubs rather than legalizing proper promotions like the UFC, then that’s a vote MMA isn’t going to win.

I really have to question the motives of the dude running these shows. What the fuck was he smoking, inviting Fox to this? Did he really expect them to put something together that would portray the sport in a positive light? Or was he just looking for some extra exposure so he can make more money off the door? Unfortunately the extra exposure may also result in no proper MMA in New York for a long time to come.