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Is the UFC manipulating us on Fedor?

Zach Arnold thinks anyone sharing the latest deal offered to Fedor is unwittingly a UFC pawn:

On various message boards and web sites (and a couple of radio outlets), we’re now lead to believe ‘rumored’ numbers like Fedor being offered $30 million dollars by UFC, and yet there’s no online ‘fingerprints’ from UFC’s behalf for it. It’s the David Axelrod graduate school of marketing here, but it also helps to have willing participants ready and able to carry your water. (Carmichael Dave is on KHTK in Sacramento and Dana White is a frequent guest.) Have you noticed how the campaign of information and misinformation online is working to discredit Fedor and try to paint him in a bad light?

Yes, the UFC uses a number of media outlets as it’s puppets. Kevin Iole loves having Dana’s entire arm up his ass and Carmichael Dave – who was the source of the latest offer details –  is also a close friend of the UFC president (something he is at least open and straight forward about). Dana has also shown that he’s not above using spin to try control the narrative of a story with fans – the EA sports situation is a perfect recent example of this. Did the latest deal numbers come from the UFC? They most certainly did, and that’s why they’re being so widely spread. And while Zach may be right to worry about the meathead masses taking these ‘leaks’ hook line and sinker, everyone with half a brain is taking the numbers with a very large grain of salt.

Still, even if the numbers leaked are just ballpark figures (I’ve heard the contract only hits 30 million in a ‘best case scenario’ situation where Fedor keeps winning and his PPVs do well), Fedor would still be making more money than anyone reasonably thinks he should be. MMA fans who are knowledgeable enough to know Fedor’s actual value are are also smart enough to know HE DOESN’T DESERVE THAT MUCH MONEY. No on in MMA does right now. Jesus Christ … the highest paid hockey player in the NHL makes 9 million bucks a season. Even if the UFC’s offered deal was two to three million a fight plus a PPV percentage plus the noted concessions (and I guarantee it ain’t lower than that) , Fedor could make more than that in one year. And that’s not good enough?

Fans don’t like it when athletes are greedy motherfuckers. Neither do sports writers and bloggers. We are all going to respond, and it has nothing to do with being on the UFC’s nuts or playing the part of pawn in a conspiracy to pressure Fedor into joining the UFC. Fedor can do (or not do) whatever the fuck he wants.  And we are free to criticize that. When he stuck to the story that it was unreasonable contractual restrictions from the UFC that kept him away, we were all sympathetic. But now (and this is based directly off the crap coming out of his manager’s mouth) we see that all the holding out just has to do with getting M-1 a chunk of the promotional pie. That’s why the fans are turning against Fedor. The UFC offer is just the cherry on that shitty revelation sundae.