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Beware fake Chucks asking for nude pictures

Every time a hot new service takes off, prime real estate gets picked off pretty quick and there’s always a wild west period where people create fake celebrity accounts for all sorts of entertaining mischeif. Here’s Chuck Liddell talking with MMA Fanhouse about the issues he’s had with a Twitter imposter:

Another question about connecting with fans: Are you on Twitter?
No, I’m not.

Are you aware that there’s a fake Chuck Liddell on Twitter with more than 11,000 followers?
Yeah, I know, and it’s ridiculous. People have called me and asked me about my Twitter, and it’s not me. I think I’m going to need to take it over or get it taken down or whatever and have an official one so people know if they see something with my name on it, it’s coming from me. That’s why I got on MySpace, too. There was some guy on there telling people he was me, people were sending e-mails to him and he was replying like he was me, he was telling people I was going to meet them somewhere, he was telling girls to send him pictures.

You mentioned wanting to connect with the fans. Do you see the value of Twitter in doing that?
Yeah, I don’t do a lot of that — I don’t like the online chats or post on message boards — but if I get on Twitter I’ll tell fans what I’m doing.

Chuck doesn’t seem like much of a computer person but he’s addicted to texting on his cell phone like it’s crack or something. If someone shows him how to tweet from there, he might give Joe Rogan a run for his money.