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Between 3 to 6 million bucks to fight Brock Lesnar

His Holiness Dave Meltzer gives us his own numbers on what Fedor was offered:

In the short-term, the decision looks like stepping over dollars for pennies, as, based on the UFC’s contract offer, Emelianenko would have received somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million for a Lesnar fight in the event the fight was an unlikely flop on PPV. If the fight did similar numbers to last month’s record-setting UFC 100, Emelianenko likely would have received $6 million when pay-per-view bonuses were factored in. He was also offered a similar range of figures for future fights in the organization.

FightOpinion did a good (if unpopular) job of lambasting everyone for instantly believing the numbers Carmichael Dave released on the deal. They were unverified numbers given by a UFC friendly outlet. But at this point a large number of legitimate MMA reporters have chimed in and said that while the initial numbers were inflated, they were still pretty close to the truth.