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BetUS odds for tonight’s Sengoku

With swine flu about to eradicate the entire species as we know it, what better time is there than now to throw caution to the wind and bet retarded sums of money on an obscure Japanese featherweight tournament? Just try to bet whatever way you think the Yakuza has fixed the fights. Right? Right!

There’s yer odds to the left there. I would give some sort of input into sound choices, but who am I fooling? I don’t know shit about any of these guys. Instead, check the writeups from MMA Weekly or Sherdog although you can flip a coin and pick fights right more often than Tomas Rios does. And flipping a coin is a lot less annoying too.

Every time one of you jackals signs up with BetUS, they give us money that allows us to grow fat off the tawdry misfortunes of MMA. So that’s one way of supporting this site while also experiencing the thrill of betting money you can’t afford to lose on a dude who’s name you can’t pronounce. Everyone wins! Wait … that’s how betting works, right?