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Betting on sketchy Japanese events

Just because you can’t watch DREAM.1 live doesn’t mean you can’t make some scratch off it. Check out the BetUS odds on the show:

  • Gesias Calvancante -175 vs Shinya Aoki +145
  • Kultar Gill +500 vs Tatsuya Kawajiri -700
  • Kazuyuki Miyata +160 vs Luis Buscape -200
  • Koutetsu Boku +190 vs Joachim Hansen -240
  • Bukyung Jung +450 vs Mitsuhiro Ishida -650
  • Katsuhiko Nagata +160 vs Artur Umakhanov -200
  • Eddie Alvarez +110 vs Andre Dida -140

Note that the Minowa vs Baseball player and Crocop vs Tomato Can fights aren’t included on the lines. I guess they’re considered too farcical to include (although I did read on BloodyElbow that someone gave the CroCop fight -1600 to +800 odds). If you wanna know which underdogs look good, I’d say Aoki, Boku, and Alvarez. Kultar Gill is facing off against the guy everyone is banking on to win the entire tournament, but at +500 it might be worth throwing a bit on him just for shits and giggles.

Oh and last but not least, let’s not forget about ICON:

  • Kala Hose +260 vs Phil Baroni -340

Pretty pointless putting money on Baroni, but Hose is a certified knockout specialist. Considering we have no idea how ‘right in the head’ Baroni is, I’d consider Hose a good gamble. Then again, I have been schooled by the MMA Girl in the past, so follow your guts or the voices in your head or whoever you trust when it comes to shit like this.

As always, we point you towards BetUS for all your sportsbook needs – Damon is good friends with us and we know they’ll do right by you. It’s also a great way to show your support for Fightlinker, since we get paid for every person that signs up (who references us, important step, yo!). Y’all were great with your support during the last UFC event, and that meant I’m not having to live off ramen noodles and Chef Boyardee. If things go well this weekend, they won’t disconnect my internet on Monday. But hey … no pressure!

  • godzillad says:

    On Saturday – ”Please leave the JZ Calvan bandwagon in an orderly single file, thank you.”

  • garth says:

    all Pimps n Hose has to do is run away for 2 minutes. Baroni will be so gassed he’ll be installing a hammock in the corner to rest up.

  • Raf says:

    Wow that mmagirl really did school you. Props to you for not being a bitch about it though. Keep on the predictions, I don’t really care whether you are right or wrong, I’m here for the lols.

  • Zane says:

    Kawajiri is the favorite? I like Hell Boy….When is the 2nd round FL? The same night?

  • dignan says:

    Tell Betus to start taking mastercard so I can fund my account.

  • DannyP72 says:

    JZ is gonna run a train over Aoki and anyone else in his way.

  • The second round is in May (the 11th if I recall correctly…but I’m too lazy to double check). There is another show in April which may have the 8th first round fight between two of Gilbert Melendez/Caol Uno/Vitor Ribeiro. If they don’t have two of them fight on the April card than one of them will likely get auto-seeded into the quarterfinals on that May show.

    Hope that helps Zane

  • Popetastic says:

    I like Jung at +450.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    It’s crazy how they have JZ vs Aoki (the fight that was supposed to happen at Yarennoka!) in the first round while some fighters in that tournament are getting easy fights. Can’t DREAM just randomly draw 16 fighters instead of hand-picking brackets? At least then the tournament format would be fair.

  • LR says:

    Nagata was the best underdog bet in my opinion. Artur is very suspect, and I’m glad Nagata pulled out some impressive wrestling.