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Betting lines for Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers

Yep, it’s that time again, you irresponsible jerkoffs. Time to pull your credit card out from underneath the pile of White Castle boxes and dirty Kleenex tissues in the corner of your room and put that sucker to good use. Risking next week’s grocery fund on unpredictable MMA fights isn’t exactly a sound decision, but then again you’re not exactly in the business of making sound decisions. And neither am I.

Anyway, here are the lines for this weekend’s Strikeforce card, courtesy of, with 78% retarded analysis after the jump.

Fedor Emelianenko -550 vs. Brett Rogers +375

Jake Shields -300 vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller +220

Gegard Mousasi -500 vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou +350

Fabricio Werdum -165 vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva +135

Werdum vs.Silva

Werdum has some of the best jits in the heavyweight division. Silva  is really big, hits really hard, and has shown some ground skills against lesser competition. The fight breaks down pretty simply. On the feet, Silva takes it due to power and reach. On the ground, Werdum takes it due to jiu-jitsu wizardry. I like a play on Silva here as I would actually pick him for a first or second round KO, especially considering that he’s the underdog. But make no mistake: this one is about as close as the line suggests.

Mousasi vs. Sokoudjou

Mousasi is better in every single area of fighting. Sokoudjou has dynamite in his hands. Expect this fight to look similar to Sokoudjou’s Affliction fight with Babalu. Mousasi will look to get it to the ground early in order to not even give “The African Assassin” a chance. Sure, there’s always the possibility of Sokoudjou landing a Hail Mary punch, but the chances of that actually happening are about the same as your mother receiving anything but a man-made protein shake and a slap on the ass from yours truly for Christmas. By the way, help a brother out and get that cow on a diet already.

Shields vs. “Mayhem”

This fight is definitely closer than the line suggests. Shields is the rightful favorite, but Miller definitely has more of a chance in this one than that +220 line suggests. The MTV personality has some legitimate skills on the ground and, considering the fact that he’s only been stopped twice in 29 fights, he’s tough-as-hell to put away. From a probability perspective, someone is bound to beat Shields pretty soon considering the win streak he’s on. Miller may very well be the man to do it.

Fedor vs. Rogers

“The Last Emperor” is clearly the rightful heavy favorite over “The Grim.” If you think otherwise then you’re either ready for an intervention or a member of Rogers’ immediate family, or possibly both. At this point, the deal with Fedor is clear: he can beat you badly from any position. Period. Rogers has shown heavy hands and a consistently improving takedown defense in his short career, but the chances of him actually landing one of those bombs on Fedor is slim. If you’re feeling dangerous, throw some cash on Rogers for the off chance that Fedor slips on Sokoudjou’s blood and Rogers catches him. For those of you who are more conservative with your wallet, with a record of 30-1, Fedor is about as safe a bet as you can find in the MMA world.